vim ctrl arrow behavior

basic ubuntu setup script

installed apps on ubuntu


converting between various strings in c++

csharp/python repls in terminal

.net fwk version from exe

a few hotchips videos

cmd and startup dir

windows cmd and vt-seq

windows cmd terminal

powershell script for transcoding videos

powershell list file sizes

dark theme and explorer

demangle c++ fn names

diskpart format & check disk

vmaf output

using vmaf for encoder quality

building ffmpeg with vmaf support

connecting samba shares on linux

naming terminal tabs on ubuntu

swap for raspberry pi3

ffmpeg concatenate mkv/mp4

exception handling links

grub customizer

swithcing off dGPU in MBP 2011

swithcing off cpus

ssh terminate & remote process

Ubuntu 20.04 on MacBook Pro 2011

disabling turbo-bost

sensors conf

a few ACM articles

a few interesting articles

a few Multiprocessor related articles

2011 MacBook Pro & OSX

nvram params

cmd line concurrency tools

magic keyboard

purging stuff from git

com apartments

encode videos & images

process explorer minidump



keeping sane in crazy times

linux commands

windows commands



Are cell phones destroying the college classroom

notes on semaphores, part 2

notes on semaphores, part 1

windbg crashdump 1

VS squiggly lines


runas from cmd

shared mutable synchronization

cpp17 std parallel algo

constexpr vs C++ Template Metaprogramming

open with notepad

MESI states transition

relaunching as an admin

library load dbg flags

WPF Style Inheritance Behavior

system call failed


pwsh and openssh on windows

git diff

Error Handling Links

gpg signing github commits

Tweaking Hugo Summary

Gcc Headers Dir

querying disk type

hashing std::pair and std::tuple

Error Handling Links

appverifier lock stops

debugging library load issues on windows

how to choose stl container


adding cmd in visual studio


C++11 thread safe statics

github multiple accounts setup notes

generating tracebacks for first chance exceptions

logging off users remotely

memory corruption WideCharToMultiByte

over to hugo

C# yaml config


deleting all matching files recursively

simple nodejs server

controlling processor frequency

setting up ghpages on windows

google drive quota


vim & cscope

notes on git

adding extra swap file on ubuntu

running as administrator

RAMDrive and SSD, continued

SSD thrashing and RAMDrive

disabling superfetch, prefetch and indexing

curious case of 20GB address space reservation

origin of endian

boost with XCode

C++ Template Metaprogramming Part 2 of n

Visual Studio Run Time Error Checks RTC and Performance

screen recording on Mac OS X

C++11 constexpr: computing exp at compile time

C++11: polymorphic function objects

libcxxabi __dynamic_cast and random strings

days between dates

SMART status of disk on Windows


SMART status of disk on MAC OS X

srm: securely delete file on Mac OS X Terminal

removing ubuntu from dual-boot setup without pain

anatomy of Linux System

command line cheat-sheet

few ubuntu tweaks

generating stack traces on UNIX/Linux systems


generating stack trace on OS X

Waiting for Background operation to complete

installing apps from an unidentified developer

reclaiming inactive memory in Mac OS X

Implementation-defined behaviour

creating a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Is the Future Fine-Grained Or Coarse-Grained Parallelism?

Vectorization Series

C++ and explicit constructors

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

rules for debugging

handy shortcuts for ubuntu

controlling number of processor cores on your machine

Delete User Caches in Mac OS X

C++11: delegating constructors

C++ Template Metaprogramming

Parallel Computing Terms

C++11: defaulted and deleted functions

C++11: enum classes

A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++

Parallel Computing

concurrency and parallelism

library, framework and bundle

Comparing floating point numbers

Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications

x64 Debugging

C++11 lambda- having fun with brackets!

Algorithm is not a four letter word

Multithreading in C++11 - part 2

Multithreading in C# - part 1

Multithreading in C++11 - part 1

0xCD 0xDD - understanding windows memory codes

What Every Data Programmer Needs to Know about Disks

All about 64-bit programming in one place

Parallelism as a First Class Citizen in C and C++, the time has come

C++0x is an international standard

vector: reserve with care

dissecting any

google earth

Functional Programming For The Rest of Us

callable entity

auto and decltype

range based for-loop

Calling Convention



Type Erasure

template function to determine size of an array

C++11: auto

C++ Templates – An Introduction


Stack for recent applications

Full path in Finder windows on Mac OS X

Moving files within Finder windows

Adding spacers in Dock

Capture Screen Shot on Mac

Home, End, Backspace keys and more on Mac Book Pro

Debug links

Common multicore programming problems