grub customizer

Now that I have functional Ubuntu machine up and running and was happy about moving from MacOS for updates and upgrades- here comes the fun. :)

With update to Linux kernel from Linux kernel, it broke my wifi connection. Every now and then the Wifi will drop connection and act of switching it off would just freeze OS. The only thing that i can do is to hard-reboot.

Seems like this has been an issue in general, i found quite a few complaints for various releases and suggestions.

I went with this one to rollback to previous version of kernel that i had working.

On Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo apt install grub-customizer

It is a nice little app to update the grub config. It lists all the various linux kernels i have with me here:


But more importantly, it allows you to pick the one you want to boot with, in this case i have reverted back to previous kernel.


Notice, how nicely in encapsulates the kernel parameters.


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