sensors conf

These are the names as displayed by sensors and coressponding user facing names for them. Not all of the temps are interesting to track/report- that is where the conf files comes into picture.

TB0T:         +31.2°C  --> Battery
TB1T:         +30.0°C  --> Battery
TB2T:         +31.2°C  --> Battery
TC0C:         +56.0°C  --> CPU Die Core Temp
TC0D:         +55.5°C  --> CPU Diode Temp
TC0E:         +57.0°C  --> CPU 1
TC0F:         +59.2°C  --> CPU 1
TC0P:         +50.5°C  --> CPU Proximity Temp
TC1C:         +54.0°C  --> CPU Core 1
TC2C:         +54.0°C  --> CPU Core 2
TC3C:         +55.0°C  --> CPU Core 3
TC4C:         +55.0°C  --> CPU Core 4
TCGC:         +55.0°C  --> CPU PERCI Core Temp
TCSA:         +55.0°C  --> PECI SA
TCTD:          -0.2°C  
TG0D:         +50.0°C  --> GPU Die
TG0P:         +49.2°C  --> GPU Proximity
THSP:         +44.0°C  
TM0S:         +63.2°C  --> Memory Modeule A1
TMBS:          +0.0°C  
TP0P:         +53.5°C  --> PCH Proximity
TPCD:         +57.0°C  --> PCH Die
TW0P:        -127.0°C  
Th1H:         +44.8°C  --> Heatpipe2
Th2H:         +44.8°C  --> Heatpipe3
Tm0P:         +38.2°C  --> Mainboard Proximity
Ts0P:         +31.5°C  --> Palm Rest Temp
Ts0S:         +40.8°C  --> Memory Proximity

Now, the conf file needs sensor raw-names, not TB0T but temp1 and so. One can get such information with sensors -u command, just replace temp1_input with temp1 in that output.

The name applesmc is the name I got for the chip from command sensors -u, also cross checked with the same as in output of dmesg.

# this is my MacBook Pro 2011 8,2
chip "applesmc-isa-0300"
    label temp1 "Battery"
    label temp27 "Palm Rest"
    label temp4 "CPU Die Core Temp"
    label temp8 "CPU Proximity Temp"
    label temp9 "CPU Core 1"
    label temp10 "CPU Core 2"
    label temp11 "CPU Core 3"
    label temp12 "CPU Core 4"
    label temp16 "GPU Die"
    label temp24 "Heatpipe 1"
    label temp25 "Heatpipe 2"
    ignore temp2
    ignore temp3
    ignore temp5
    ignore temp6
    ignore temp7
    ignore temp13
    ignore temp14
    ignore temp15
    ignore temp17
    ignore temp18
    ignore temp19
    ignore temp20
    ignore temp21
    ignore temp22
    ignore temp23
    ignore temp26
    ignore temp28

With this file saved as /etc/sensors.d/applesmc.conf, now sensors prints sensible output on cmd (in fact all the widgets and applets will display this).

sarang@mbp:~$ sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
Left side  :        2001 RPM  (min = 2000 RPM, max = 6200 RPM)
Right side :        2001 RPM  (min = 2000 RPM, max = 6200 RPM)
Battery:             +33.5°C  
CPU Die Core Temp:   +58.0°C  
CPU Proximity Temp:  +51.5°C  
CPU Core 1:          +58.0°C  
CPU Core 2:          +58.0°C  
CPU Core 3:          +53.0°C  
CPU Core 4:          +56.0°C  
GPU Die:             +51.0°C  
Heatpipe 1:          +44.5°C  
Heatpipe 2:          +44.8°C  
Palm Rest:           +33.5°C  


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