Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Apple has a page listing dozens of standard keyboard shortcuts you can use at start-up, with the Finder, and with many applications. If you’re a keyboard person, rather than a mouse person, you may find some shortcuts here that you didn’t know. At a minimum, it’s worth bookmarking this page to have a list of keys to press at startup, if you need to change boot disks, boot in Safe mode or boot from an optical disc (if your Mac still supports that).

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are:

Open a new window or documentCommand(⌘)-N
Copy the selected itemCommand (⌘)-C
Cut (delete) the selected itemCommand (⌘)-X
Paste an itemCommand (⌘)-V
Open the selected file, folder, or appCommand (⌘)-O
Quit an appCommand (⌘)-Q
Move the selected item to the TrashCommand (⌘)-Delete
Find text or other itemsCommand (⌘)-F
Minimize a window into the DockCommand (⌘)-M
Open a shortcut (contextual) menu for an itemControl-click the item
Switch to the previous appCommand (⌘)-Tab
Copy an itemOption-drag the item
Open your home folderShift-Command (⌘)-H
Close all open windowsOption-click the close button

Dan Rodney has also composed a friendlier list here