Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications

The Guide provides general advice on multithreaded performance. Hardware-specific optimizations have deliberately been kept to a minimum. In future versions of the Guide, topics covering hardware-specific optimizations will be added for developers willing to sacrifice portability for higher performance.

Application Threading:

This chapter covers general topics in parallel performance but occasionally refers to API-specific issues.


The topics in this chapter discuss techniques to mitigate the negative impact of synchronization on performance.

Memory Management

Threads add another dimension to memory management that should not be ignored. This chapter covers memory issues that are unique to multithreaded applications.

Programming Tools

This chapter describes how to use Intel software products to develop, debug, and optimize multithreaded applications. = Automatic Parallelization with Intel® Compilers = Parallelism in the Intel® Math Kernel Library = Threading and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives