Home, End, Backspace keys and more on Mac Book Pro

I have purchased a Mac Book Pro, MBP henceforth, and I am pretty pleased with the system and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6) However within few days I have started missing Home, End and Backspace keys.

Apple & Macbook Pro Keyboard for reference:

Few key symbols from & related to MBP keyboard:


Trying out various combinations I came to know that:

  • delete is actually a backspace!!!

  • so where is del key, that we are so used to on Windows? It is fn + delete

  • What about Home? try out fn + left arrow

  • what about End? try out fn + right arrow

  • Page up? fn + up arrow or control + shift + space

  • Page down? fn + down arrow or control + space

  • ⌥ this funny looking character is actually an options key, here for some interesting uses of options key, I like the one about selecting an application with options key, press options key and mouse click ensures only that selected app’s windows is visible. Cool

copy ==> command + c  
paste ==> command + v  
cut ==> command + x  
undo ==> command + z  
find ==> command + space (this launches spotlight search utility)  
find ==> option + command + space (launches a new finder window to search in the system)

command + f3 ==> shows desktop  
command + tab ==> select application you want to switch to, like alt+tab on windows  
fn + f9 ==> shows all windows open in dashboard view, [Expose][2] is the feature  
control + f3 ==> shows all windows of the current application (note current)  
fn + f8 ==> shows all spaces, see [here][3] for details  
fn + f12 ==> brings up widget dashboard, see [here][4] for details  
fn + f10 ==> switch between various windows of open applications

Some of the common keyboard shortcuts are documented here

I will stop this investigation here for today and will continue as I discover more :)